Georgia Space Alliance Advocates for Space at Georgia Aerospace Day

On February 28, Georgia Space Alliance joined Georgia Department of Economic Development's Center of Innovation for Aerospace and other partner organizations for the annual Georgia Aerospace Day at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. We thank all the elected officials and their offices who spoke with us about space in Georgia.

In the morning, the GSA team met with directly two state representatives and one state senator and visited the offices of other elected officials. In the afternoon, GSA participated in the main Georgia Aerospace Day event, met with others in the aerospace industry in Georgia, and shook hands with Governor Brian Kemp.

“It's part of our mission to inform and educate the public and our government leaders about the achievements and benefits of space in Georgia,” stated Georgia Space Alliance's Executive Director Laura Forczyk. “We engage our membership to call, write, or visit their government representatives, Space advocacy is open to all residents of Georgia, professionals, students, and fans alike.”

Georgia Space Alliance is in contact with Georgia's local, state, and federal government leaders year-round to advocate for space activities and education throughout the state.

To view photos of Georgia Aerospace Day 2019, visit Georgia Space Alliance's Facebook page at (viewable without an account).