GSA Congratulates Spaceport Camden on its Launch Site Operator License Application

Today, Camden County, Georgia submitted a launch site operator license application to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. Georgia Space Alliance congratulates Camden County on this important milestone.

The FAA grants launch site operator licenses to all active US launch sites. With approval of a license from the FAA, Camden County will have authorization to operate orbital and suborbital launch and reentry vehicles from Spaceport Camden.

“We support this ambitious project to launch and land rockets from Georgia. We congratulate the teams involved in this years-long effort to establish Spaceport Camden,” said GSA Executive Director Laura Forczyk. “In the near future, Spaceport Camden will be the launch pad to take Georgia to the stars.”

Spaceport Camden and the associated Innovation and Research Park will bring high-tech jobs to Camden County and the surrounding areas. The site will bring new, exciting opportunities for Georgia's students and workforce. Visitors from throughout Georgia and the United States will travel to Camden County to view launches and tour the Spaceport. Local schools and educational institutions will benefit from STEM-related curricula and professional mentors. Spaceport Camden will inspire Georgia students to pursue STEM careers and soar to new heights.

A number of launch companies have expressed interest in operating at Spaceport Camden including Vector and ABL Space Systems. Students from Georgia Tech's Yellow Jacket Space Program hope to launch a student-built test rocket from Camden. In 2017, Vector conducted a low-altitude test launch from Camden County. Approval of a launch site operator license will allow companies to seek FAA permission to launch suborbital and orbital launches to space.