Georgia Space Alliance Advocates for Space at Georgia Aerospace Day

On February 28, Georgia Space Alliance joined Georgia Department of Economic Development's Center of Innovation for Aerospace and other partner organizations for the annual Georgia Aerospace Day at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. We thank all the elected officials and their offices who spoke with us about space in Georgia.

In the morning, the GSA team met with directly two state representatives and one state senator and visited the offices of other elected officials. In the afternoon, GSA participated in the main Georgia Aerospace Day event, met with others in the aerospace industry in Georgia, and shook hands with Governor Brian Kemp.

“It's part of our mission to inform and educate the public and our government leaders about the achievements and benefits of space in Georgia,” stated Georgia Space Alliance's Executive Director Laura Forczyk. “We engage our membership to call, write, or visit their government representatives, Space advocacy is open to all residents of Georgia, professionals, students, and fans alike.”

Georgia Space Alliance is in contact with Georgia's local, state, and federal government leaders year-round to advocate for space activities and education throughout the state.

To view photos of Georgia Aerospace Day 2019, visit Georgia Space Alliance's Facebook page at (viewable without an account).

GSA Congratulates Spaceport Camden on its Launch Site Operator License Application

Today, Camden County, Georgia submitted a launch site operator license application to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. Georgia Space Alliance congratulates Camden County on this important milestone.

The FAA grants launch site operator licenses to all active US launch sites. With approval of a license from the FAA, Camden County will have authorization to operate orbital and suborbital launch and reentry vehicles from Spaceport Camden.

“We support this ambitious project to launch and land rockets from Georgia. We congratulate the teams involved in this years-long effort to establish Spaceport Camden,” said GSA Executive Director Laura Forczyk. “In the near future, Spaceport Camden will be the launch pad to take Georgia to the stars.”

Spaceport Camden and the associated Innovation and Research Park will bring high-tech jobs to Camden County and the surrounding areas. The site will bring new, exciting opportunities for Georgia's students and workforce. Visitors from throughout Georgia and the United States will travel to Camden County to view launches and tour the Spaceport. Local schools and educational institutions will benefit from STEM-related curricula and professional mentors. Spaceport Camden will inspire Georgia students to pursue STEM careers and soar to new heights.

A number of launch companies have expressed interest in operating at Spaceport Camden including Vector and ABL Space Systems. Students from Georgia Tech's Yellow Jacket Space Program hope to launch a student-built test rocket from Camden. In 2017, Vector conducted a low-altitude test launch from Camden County. Approval of a launch site operator license will allow companies to seek FAA permission to launch suborbital and orbital launches to space.

Georgia Space Alliance Returns!

Dear Georgia Space Alliance members,

I want to thank you all for your incredible patience over these past several months. As an organization in its infancy, we truly appreciate each and everyone of you early adopters. You have recognized the value of supporting space activities in Georgia and have taken action to support our cause.

The goal of Georgia Space Alliance is to bring together professionals and interested parties to form a unified community to support space activities and development within Georgia. Please tell your colleagues and friends!

The GSA website is updated. I ask you to visit the Corporate Membership page to check out our generous sponsors.

If you have anything to add to the calendar of events, please help us to advertise your event.

In appreciation of your patience, we will be renewing all memberships free of charge. All individual, student, and corporate memberships paid prior to September 1, 2018 will expire on September 1, 2019. Lifetime memberships never expire and I want to thank our founding lifetime members!

We have GSA events planned for the rest of 2018. We look forward to seeing you there!

Laura Forczyk
Executive Director

Georgia Knows Space

When it comes to spaceflight, Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas are known throughout the world. Even Vandenberg Air Force Base in California may ring a bell for casual spaceflight followers. But what about Georgia?

With the passage and signing of the Georgia Space Flight Act (Georgia House Bill 1 or HB 1) into law this year, and the subsequent low-altitude suborbital launch of space company Vector’s Vector-R rocket from the coastal site in Camden County, Georgia, state and local politicians hope to make the Peach State an important part of the burgeoning commercial spaceflight industry.

Though it may appear Georgia is a latecomer to the spaceflight game, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the state has a long history with our nation’s spacefaring endeavors and can even count a moonwalker amongst the alumni of one of its universities.

Indeed, the Georgia Institute of Technology - better known as Georgia Tech - ranks in the top 10 colleges in the United States with astronaut alumni. The university is tied for second-most of any public university.

Beyond the state’s ability to produce those with “the right stuff,” Georgia’s industry has played a supporting role in producing many of our nation’s prominent launch vehicles. From metropolitan Atlanta to Augusta and Valdosta, Georgia manufacturers have been instrumental in NASA’s programs, both past and upcoming.

So while some may feel Georgia is better known for our air, sea, and land transportation expertise, one can’t deny the state is poised to add suborbital and orbital operations to its portfolio. Why? Because Georgia knows space.

Welcome to the Georgia Space Alliance

When one thinks of Georgia’s role in our nation’s transportation system, air and rail dominate the discussion. Coupled with the state’s port facilities and extensive road network, and it is easy to see how central the Peach State is to nearly every aspect of the country’s transportation infrastructure.

What we hope to add to the discussion is the space industry. Georgia's small but growing portfolio in spaceflight, satellites, telecommunications, and space science activities has captured national attention lately with Spaceport Camden's launch of Vector's rocket test flight and other recent successes. Georgia’s entrepreneurial talent, research facilities, and infrastructure are ready to take on the next level of space transportation and activity. With your help, Georgia Space Alliance hopes to support and promote these achievements and future space visions for the state.

Through networking and member events, public panels, information sharing and outreach, education support, and advocacy, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Georgia Space Alliance will bring together professionals, enthusiasts, businesses, and organizations to form a unified community to support and promote space activities and development within the state.

We will be hosting our official kick-off event at Grain Spirits + Food in midtown Atlanta, on Thursday, October 19, 2017 in partnership with the 1st Symposium on Space Innovations. The GSA Space Party, which is open to the public, will give members – and prospective members – the opportunity to meet with like-minded people while enjoying food and drink. There will also be a costume contest along with a space-themed art gallery.

Following our kick-off event, the GSA plans to continue hosting, partnering with, and promoting space-related activities and events, such as Georgia Aerospace Day and a public panel series. Space-related events throughout the state are featured on our calendar. Please reach out to us if we can assist you in promoting or hosting a relevant event in Georgia.

You don't need to wait until the official kick-off in order to become a member. Join now as a student, individual, corporation, or lifetime member. Prices are discounted until 2018, so take advantage of the opportunity to be a founding member!

Thank you for your interest in the Georgia Space Alliance, and we hope to see you at the Space Party on October 19!